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urgent sample of good code


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Jan 31, 2013 6:47PM

Does anyone have a sample of a survey using a table lay out for a
ranking set of questions. I need to provide a contractor a sample of what
I am looking for and they wanted it in a hurry.
The idea is the user is given ten ideas they need to agree or disagree
with in a scale of one to 5 and they are using radio buttons for the
scale. They have laid this out in a table and have not even tried to lay
it out with roe or columns headers. I think a better way to do it is treat
each idea as a separate question but I lost that fight. If anyone has the
sample code I could give them I would really appreciate it. The thing that
kills me is the front page of the survey said it was w3c compliant well I
have to say if my screen reader set to out of box default settings could
not tell what I was agreeing to or that I was even agreeing or disagreeing
it isn't Lucy