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"Quickie" testing of a large site


From: Diana Ratliff
Date: Sep 27, 2002 8:02AM

I appreciate all the suggestions everyone sent yesterday. Thought I'd let
you know what I did.

The "higher-ups" who wanted the report were in a hurry and are
administrators, not web designers, so knew I couldn't be too technical at
this point.

I went to the home pages of about a dozen of the University's largest
departments/colleges (as well as offices like Disability Services) and ran
them through Bobby (not my favorite validator, but one they'd heard of).
All I was looking for was ALT text problems; that's the single biggest
issue, and it's one that is easily demonstrated.

Within an hour, I'd found that 9 of the 12 homepages did not have
appropriate ALT text. It was easy to write that up, and to add a couple of
paragraphs explaining that this was just the tip of the iceberg and
mentioning other likely problems.

We will probably DO more in-depth testing, as many of you described
yesterday, but this was a fast and relatively-painless way to give them an

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