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Bobby - Priority one compliance


From: Shilpa
Date: Oct 1, 2002 4:49AM

Hello everyone,

I have been following this list regularly and find it very useful.
We have also been trying to make some sites accessible.
Had a problem with one of the site which is an e-learning tutorial that
needed to be made accessible. As this is for a client we would ideally like
to give some approval.

We wanted to get the 1st priority approval of Bobby OR A-promt for the same.
But we get the following errors when we check any page with bobby online
service or A-prompt offline tool.

Bobby report:
Priority 1 User Checks
User checks are triggered by something specific on the page; however, you
need to determine manually whether they apply and, if applicable, whether
your page meets the requirements. Bobby A Approval requires that all user
checks pass. Even if your page does conform to these guidelines they appear
in the report. Please review these 3 item(s):

1.. If you can't make a page accessible, construct an alternate accessible
2.. If style sheets are ignored or unsupported, are pages still readable
and usable?
3.. Provide alternative content for each SCRIPT that conveys important
information or functionality.
The following 2 item(s) are not triggered by any specific feature on your
page, but are still important for accessibility and are required for Bobby A
Approved status.

4.. Identify any changes in the document's language.
5.. Use the simplest and most straightforward language that is possible.

Could someone help and tell us how we could correct these.
The url for the site is:
The link for BASIC SKILLS OF THE PC works is the tutorial that has been made
accessible. The other links are currently not working.
We would ideally not like to make an alternate version for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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