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Re: Labels on Checkboxes in data tables


From: Detlev Fischer
Date: Mar 29, 2013 2:52AM

I thought I throw in a WAI-ARIA example of a data table where column and row headings are linked to inputs in the cells - in this case text inputs - via aria-labelledby.


The original example is by Jim Thatcher. I just added some screen reader testing.

The advantage here is that both row and column headers are used to label the input and using a native label with both inside the cells would be quite redundant.

I think whether this is an OK way to label form elements in tables in terms of WCAG 2.0 compliance is hard to determine without regard to the overall context. In a simple and very short table as provided in the example, doing without visible label may be OK even for low vision users. But if you think of a matrix with longer rows of checkboxes (like Likert scale ratings) in a huge multi-row table, there certainly wouldn't be enough visual context for low vision users using magnification software or text size cranked up.

Note also that WAI-ARIA techniques have not reached the status of WCAG sufficient technique so far.

Best - Detlev

On 28 Mar 2013, at 23:07, Susan Grossman wrote:

> Get a lot of push back on putting labels in data tables that contain form
> elements. Generally they want to move off screen all the labels so they
> aren't visible.
> I push back on check boxes/radio buttons because having a visible label
> gives users that larger area to select.
> The push back is that it's too cluttered in a selection column having the
> word "select" over the button/box. When doing government sites, they just
> go ahead and put the labels into the cell.
> So, opinions on whether the trend is going to all labels being hidden if
> the inputs of any type are in a table cell would be appreciate. Links
> extremely helpful on examples or write-ups.
> Thank you for your time -
> --
> *Susan R. Grossman*
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