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From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 24, 2013 12:33PM

Greetings, WebAIM:

I'm looking to solve the issue of the Accessible Lightbox, or come as
close as I can. I'm seeing a number of good discussions of the issue,
but I haven't found a solution about which I'm confident. I see some
that may help with keyboard access, but I'm not seeing one that will
solve the issue of the new content opening up at the bottom of the
page (with no indication to the screen reader user that the page has
changed, much less how to get to that content).

I'd prefer either jQuery or a non-library-centric option. For the
record, in case this may speed others who may be searching the archive ...

Thanks especially to you, Patrick, for a clear articulation of the
issues in this recent Accessify Forum thread:


And thanks to Roger Johansson and Graham Armfield for their posts
articulating the features that are needed:

From 2009:

And from 2011:

If somebody's built it, I'd like to use it.

This one might come close. If anyone's had experience with it, please
let me know:

* https://github.com/fnagel/jQuery-Accessible-RIA/wiki/lightbox