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Re: accessible Lightbox


From: Patrick Burke
Date: May 24, 2013 1:19PM

Hi Jennifer,

I'll throw one more link into the mix. Not quite the reusable object
you're after, but Derek Featherstone gives the basic lightbox recipe.
He goes through all the needed components, including keyboard
controls & focus management, based on an example site:

No mention of ARIA, though. I assume that would still be necessary to
get screen readers to respond correctly. But maybe it's a genius
non-ARIA solution.

In any case, if someone with coding skills wants to build this thing,
the generic accessible lightbox seems well within reach.

At 11:33 AM 5/24/2013, Jennifer Sutton wrote:
>Greetings, WebAIM:
>I'm looking to solve the issue of the Accessible Lightbox, or come as
>close as I can. I'm seeing a number of good discussions of the issue,
>but I haven't found a solution about which I'm confident. I see some
>that may help with keyboard access, but I'm not seeing one that will
>solve the issue of the new content opening up at the bottom of the
>page (with no indication to the screen reader user that the page has
>changed, much less how to get to that content).
>I'd prefer either jQuery or a non-library-centric option. For the
>record, in case this may speed others who may be searching the archive ...
>Thanks especially to you, Patrick, for a clear articulation of the
>issues in this recent Accessify Forum thread:
>And thanks to Roger Johansson and Graham Armfield for their posts
>articulating the features that are needed:
> From 2009:
>And from 2011:
>If somebody's built it, I'd like to use it.
>This one might come close. If anyone's had experience with it, please
>let me know:
> * https://github.com/fnagel/jQuery-Accessible-RIA/wiki/lightbox