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The ADA case that Won - of sorts.


From: Holly Marie
Date: Oct 21, 2002 4:29PM

Irony continues. This case was settled on the 15th of October it

However it appears by quickly scanning the court orders and
documents.[which is not an easy trick with PDF], it appears that the
site must work on complying and report back to court in 30 days. If at
that time it fails to meet approval? open language about what may be

There was some mention of the group hiring someone to make sure changes
are implemented properly but that may or may not have been a suggestion.

Otherwise, it looks like the outcome of this decision was work at repair
and report back to court within 30 days.

The court findings are in a 50 page PDF file from the link below, in
case anyone would like to read it.


[I really despise using PDF and I do not have accessibility challenges]

| Judge Rules That Inaccessible Website Violates ADA
| October 15, 2002
| A federal judge ruled that the Atlanta mass transit agency violated
| by constructing a website that was inaccessible for people with visual
| disabilities. This is one of the first cases to decide that the ADA
| requires
| online access for people with disabilities...

| http://www.sedbtac.org/ed/whats_new/articles.cfm?id=2520

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