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Re: Comments on a checklist requested


From: Jeff Finlay
Date: Oct 23, 2002 9:23AM

> I have put together an A4 sheet for people in my department as a quick guide
> to address accessibility issues (this is a cut-down version of a more
> complete guide).

Ian, it makes me wonder what the audience of your checklist is. I couldn't use
it because it would lose my audience right away. I work with university faculty,
especially people who have recently 'discovered' the Web and are going gaga with
ugly-ass colored backgrounds, jumping jiminy gifs, etc. I'm trying to find ways
to explain accessibility without going into the details right away. The approach
I'm inclined to take is to emphasize broad design elements first, eg consistent
layout and navigation, lots of white space, good use of contrast, never use
color for meaning, then go into the nitty-gritties. I'd like to find a checklist
that starts with a simple, top-down approach considering the made web page and
working from there rather than taking its elements apart without giving the
overall picture. A lot of the checklists I've seen appear to assume in-depth
familiarity with Web page creation. This is certainly not the case with
university faculty, who frequently bypass any knowledge of design principles en
route to incorporating html in their work.


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