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Re: PDF Accessibility


From: Jonathan Metz
Date: Jun 27, 2013 6:51AM

On 6/26/13 4:59 PM, "Anya Levysmith" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>What I don¹t really understand is what my tags should actually be and how
>to fix

A List Apart has a very good, yet old, article on PDF Tags:

There are explanations of what the tags specifically mean at the bottom of
the page. Remember in PDF, unlike in HTML, there are no closing tags. Then
take all of Duff and Bevi¹s recommendations (though dealing with the Role
Map dialog can be incredibly confusing, IMO).

You will (unfortunately) need to use the Reading Order panel to mark up
tables. There is a very good PDF from Accessde.info
(http://www.pdf-accessible.com/en/accede-manuals/) that has details on
correctly tagging tables and what the difference is between a complex
table and a simple table. The PDF focuses on Acrobat 9, but the formula is
still the same. It starts (roughly) on page 59 or so.

One thing I¹ll say about using <Sect>, <Art>, <Div>, <Part> is that it can
be helpful for you to use them for organizing really long documents. It
breaks up the PDF tags into sections and makes it a little easier to find
your place later in the document.