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Re: How to distinguish visual items for screen readers


From: Chris Siems
Date: Jul 29, 2013 1:02PM

Thanks Jared, I'll look into "mark" and "highlighted item."

I thought of a better example:
Say you want to display the accessibility level of conformance (A, AA,
AAA) on a page that was tested along with the other two levels. Each is
linked to a description of what it takes to achieve that level. The
page's level is highlighted visually somehow - say background color.

My question goes to what's the best way to highlight the "active" item
for a screen reader while allowing the other non-active items?

It would be cool if the screen reader could say, "Link to Level A of the
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Link to Level AA of the Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines. This page conforms to Level AAA of the
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0! Link to Level AAA of the Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines."

I know it's a lot to listen to, but it's complete.


On 7/23/2013 12:24 PM, Jared Smith wrote:
> Why would you want a screen reader to not read content that is
> visually presented to everyone else within the page? If the items are
> meant to be hidden, then I'd think it best to hide them from everyone.
> But to answer the question, one could use aria-hidden to do this,
> though it would (arguably) be a misuse seeing as the content is not
> actually hidden. If you're dealing with highlighting of content, then
> the <mark> element would be semantically appropriate, though screen
> readers do not do anything specific with this. If you're dealing with
> content that is stricken from the page, then <del> is correct, though
> screen readers don't support this either.
> Functionally, perhaps off-screen text ("inactive" or "highlighted
> item:" or similar) preceding the list item text might be the best
> solution.
> Jared Smith
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