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Re: disrupting reading order when merging/splitting cellsin PDF table editor


From: McMorland, Gabriel
Date: Jul 30, 2013 9:58AM


I determine that it is out of reading order by navigating the PDF with JAWS screen reader. The contents of the newly defined cell cannot be read by navigating inside the table, and JAWS will read the cell contents before it enters "table navigation maode".

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Hi Gabriel,

let me express my most sincere condolences - fixing tags for tables in Acrobat is more like a punishment than an avenue to successful work life. Nevertheless lets give credit where it is due - Adobe's Acrobat it is one of the extremely few tools let you do something about tags for tables to begin with. (and maybe, if more and more people keep asking for it, they improve it for the next Acrobat version?)

Now to you actual question:

First of all - could you define "document's reading order" for me, and how you determine the fact, that your manipulated table cell supposedly is out of sync?


PS: Depending on how many tables you have to fix it might be worthwhile to look at a specialised tool, "CommonLook PDF" from NetCentric Technologies - see http://www.commonlook.com/CommonLook-PDF - I have only used very occasionally, but as far as I remember the table tagging or table fixing features were pretty good, and they assist you with all kinds of other tagging or fixing tasks. They have a free demo - so maybe just try it yourself (and report back what you found!).

Am 29 Jul 2013 um 22:41 schrieb "McMorland, Gabriel" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> A colleague and I are learning to reapir the accessibility of PDFs. We are having a consistent problem using the table editor, even after reading the manual and watching an instructional video on Adobe TV.
> When merging or splitting cells in a data table, the new cell always appears outside the table in the document's reading order.The new cell should be nested inside the hierarchy of the table tag, but it always appears outside the table.
> We use the mouse to select the borders of the new cell.
> What are we doing wrong?
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