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Re: comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software?


From: deborah.kaplan@suberic.net
Date: Jul 30, 2013 11:39AM

McMorland, Gabriel wrote:

> I'm lookng for a regularly updated comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software. A regularly updated comprehensive list detailing all aspects of accessibility for software would also be great.

Such a list would be impractical -- if not impossible -- to
create and maintain. There are an ever-growing number of software
products, and each revision might improve or detract from their
level of keyboard accessibility.

However, perhaps you can focus the question further. Are you
looking for a list of major office suite products (e.g. Microsoft
Office, Libre Office, etc.) which are relatively good at keyboard
accessibility? Social networking products? Graphic design
products? Within a certain sphere, you might be able to find a
better resource (with the understanding that it would likely be
out of date as soon as it was created).

Deborah Kaplan
Accessibility Team Co-Lead
Dreamwidth Studios