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Re: Font size question


From: Holly Marie
Date: Oct 29, 2002 2:07PM

From: "Kathleen Anderson"

| Yesterday I received the following email from a visitor to our site:
| "I was on the state comptroller's page and when I went to this
particular page: http://www.osc.state.ct.us/finance/whatis.htm I
couldn't read the links or the text on the page. Of course I'm aware
that I can adjust the size with the options in my browser but the font
size was so unusually small. This is unacceptable. Could you please do
something to rectify this."

looks Fine to me.
I even put it in IE5.5 and set it to smaller and it was still
readable[and I am in that getting older range group].
If I put it in smallest it is unreadable.

I view my pages at average settings on all browsers, and test as well as
develop with this in mind.
Often, I do not size fonts or let them default to 1.0em, sometimes I may
give elements a .90 or 90% sizing.
I do not go under those relative percentages and make sure that other
areas that may nest are not compounding a resize smaller. [nested lists,
etc... or size on an element then placed into an area that may resize it

I think this may be a case where the user's font sizes have somehow
changed in his browser options, either by him or herself, or someone
using their computer. My first reply back, may have included
instructions for the user to check their font settings and inform the
user that the sizing or page is set to be viewed against average
settings. [hard to say if the user knows or knew his sizing may be
different than average?]

If the user does know, and does set his sizing smaller, then the user
can reset if they cannot read.


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