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controlling a CMS for access


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Aug 28, 2013 1:00PM

We are trying to launch a large scale adoption of a cms. And are finding
most of it to be very accessible. however the semantic structure it
creates is not really that grate and inconsistent
So I can go to a page and the page starts with h3 and then the main
content is h1 and then sub headers are h4. Then on subpages the h3 becomes
an h2. We are basing our templates on Drupal 7 using the Panopoly
distribution and the panels module. Does anyone have any ideas how we can
help our users create more consistent structure and how we deal with the
skipped levels in the headings. I would like to play hard ball on this and
say that we should not allow out of order headers but the rest of what I
have seen works to well to not give in a little smile Lucy

Lucia Greco
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