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Re: controlling a CMS for access


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Aug 28, 2013 1:25PM

We always try to keep headers in order to keep the screen reader users
from hunting for what they might have missed. But mostly because we like
good semantic structure. I am also a screen reader user and I do find it a
little off setting when the first thing I hit on a page is a h3 or h5
witch yes does happen. I try and teach proper structure at least on the
home page to keep people from looking for what they might have missed. Yes
today it's not as important as it was say 5 years ago but I am stuck in my
old ways and don't think things should start at 4 or 5. I do not mind the
nab being at a 2 and then a 1 but starting a page at 3 always makes me
wonder. And then there is always the argument of the web search hits
smile Lucy
Lucia Greco
Web Access Analyst
IST-Campus Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
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Who is affected by the out of order headers? Is it a visual experience

I'm a blind JAWS user, and I'm very interested in your anser.
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