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Re: Front End Developers and ATs


From: Joe Chidzik
Date: Aug 29, 2013 1:50AM

> Of course, my follow up question is: Which ATs would form a good
> (cost-effective) development toolkit?

The simplest check that I always recommend developers use is to interact with their websiteapplication using just the keyboard. This can reveal several potential issues:
-Focus not visible (web pages)
-Logical tab order present (appswebsites)
-All functionality keyboard accessible (appswebsites)

There are only a few keystrokes required to carry out the testing, and no special equipmentsoftware needed.

I also often point people to the WebAIM guide on using NVDA for website testing. Whilst screenreaders are complex applications, for testing only a small subset of keyboard shortcuts are required: http://webaim.org/articles/nvda/