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RE: title attributes on <a> and <img> elements


From: John Foliot - bytown internet
Date: Nov 1, 2002 9:01AM


AFAIK this is in fact "proper" behaviour. As an added note, the gecko
family of browsers (Mozilla, Netscape 6.x +, etc.) will not provide the
"tool tip" behaviour on an ALT attribute... you MUST use the Title attribute
if you wish to "see" this behaviour.

> Therefore, using title attributes may cause those using JAWS to
> miss essential information. In the case of using title attributes for
> textual links, I suppose as long as the title information includes
> and expands upon the link text, no information is lost,

Correct, in fact with the trend towards one word hyperlinks on web pages,
the proper use of of Title Attributes on these links will provide more
contextual information to users who may be previewing a page by a list of
links only ( a common and useful feature avialable in JAWs for example).
Also, if someone "hovers" over the link, it will provide that tooltip...
again, more contextual information about the link - arguably a benefit for
users with cognative disabilities. See: http://www.zaphodbeeblebrox.com/
From the home page there are a number of links to expand upon various Press
Releases. The client wanted to simply indicate "[More...]" to read more
about the article. However, with multple links to "More" they would not
make sense contextually, nor would they pass "Bobby" (not a favorite of
mine, but hey...). The solution I came up with takes advantage of the
"problem" you note.
(NOTE: no bricks on the current "issues" with this site... I am aware of
them but I could only win so many battles...)

> but in the
> case of <img> elements, not hearing the ALT text in preference to
> the title information may be a real problem.

Why? Proper and thoughtful development can avoid any problems here... at
the least repeat the ALT text as the Title text.

> For <input> elements, JAWS will announce the ALT text
> infomation and not any title attribute information when both are
> included in the tag.

Huh? Use the Label and ID elements/attributes for form inputs, not title.


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