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Re: Detecting keyboard usage


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Sep 17, 2013 5:16PM

Thanks Cameron,

Focus gives the same results, and Jaws doesn't trigger either focus or
keypress, except when using tab. Considering the Jaws documentation on the
topic and that NVDA generally takes the same approach, I think it's by

Leonie, thanks, I knew that some widgets trigger application mode, but some
don't and still track key usage. I think the difference is that on those
widgets you would press either enter or tab to activate a control. In this
case I'm trying to anticipate something and detect keyboard interactions
before the person has pressed tab or enter, either of which puts the focus
where you would expect.

In this case it wouldn't make sense to use an application role (or other
widget that switches mode), so I think we'll have to drop the idea.

Oh well,