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Re: Accessibility for Project Managers - your thoughts?


From: Jennison Asuncion
Date: Sep 23, 2013 6:43PM


Apologies if these points have already been raised (lots of good conversation on this thread). Here's what I think needs to be considered for any PM accessibility resource. Full disclosure, I'm a recovering PM.

1. The one question that IT PMs I've spoken to all want an answer for is how to budget for accessibility. Ultimately, they need to understand time, cost, and resources necessary. They don't have time to read through lots of material to determine this either and telling them that the cost is minimal if you integrate accessibility from the start isn't that useful when they are facing having to complete a budget/resourcing plan.
2. Many IT projects today are using/moving toward an agile model (and away from the waterfall model). Any PM accessibility resource needs to address itself to this reality.
3. Not to overstate the obvious, before going down too far the path and putting out a resource for PMs, it would be really good to do a smoke test with IT PMs in the field to see if anything is being missed.

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