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JavaScript and HTML Accessibility Summit with the jQuery Foundation and Deque Systems - Oct. 10-11, Herndon, VA


From: Paul J. Adam
Date: Sep 25, 2013 12:09PM

Hi WebAIM folks! If anyone is in the DC area or can travel there for some very useful and low cost accessibility training please consider attending Deque's jQuery Accessibility Summit. 2 Days of Modern Accessibility training for only $250 is a pretty good deal :)

I'll be there presenting on Mobile Accessibility & jQuery Mobile and also demonstrating how I do web accessibility testing with a variety of tools and techniques.

WebAIM's Jared Smith will be there too!

I'd love to see y'all there! Please forward to anyone who might be interested or focuses on JavaScript and/or Accessibility.


Paul J. Adam
Accessibility Evangelist

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> From: Alicia Bourne < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> Subject: JavaScript and HTML Accessibility Summit with the jQuery Foundation and Deque Systems - Oct. 10-11, Herndon, VA
> Date: September 25, 2013 11:37:08 AM CDT
> To: Glenda Sims < <EMAIL REMOVED> >, Paul Adam < <EMAIL REMOVED> >, Denis Boudreau < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> The jQuery Foundation and Deque are partnering to bring you an exclusive JavaScript Accessibility Summit. If you are a jQuery developer or contributor, this event is not to be missed! Join us for an exciting 2 day session on October 10th-11th in Herndon, Virginia.
> Digital accessibility, that is making web and digital content and applications accessible to users with disabilities, is one of the most critical issues facing developers and content creators today. And regulations such as Section 508, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act mean that digital accessibility isn't just the right thing to do - it's a legal requirement.
> The jQuery foundation has a mission of supporting the advancement of the web through JavaScript, and at Deque our mission is advancement of the web through digital equality. Topics covered at the Accessibility Summit will include:
> JavaScript accessibility
> ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)
> Mobile web accessibility
> JQuery accessibility
> Interactive forms and form validation
> Keyboard accessibility
> Section 508 compliance for users with disabilities
> We are coming together to host this special 2-day event that will dive into uncovering the most common web accessibility issues encountered in jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. We will also have a special jQuery Face-Off session where we'll work with you to apply this problem to real-life accessibility issues, and a special dinner where you'll get to experience some of the barriers faced by users with disabilities. Join us and help jQuery becomes accessible to users regardless of ability and put an end to discrimination on the Web.
> Some of the featured summit speakers that will make you rethink how you develop include:
> Jared Smith (WebAIM)
> Dylan Barrell (Deque)
> Paul Adam (Deque)
> Paul Bohman (Deque)
> Hans Hillen (Paciello Group)
> Joseph Scheuhammer (IDRC)
> You can see the agenda and register for the summit here: http://www.deque.com/deque-partners-jquery-create-accessibility-summit
> Register now! Space is limited and is filling up fast!
> The jQuery Foundation is a member supported non-profit trade association for web developers. They coordinate development on jQuery open source projects: jQuery,jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, QUnit, and Sizzle; provide high-quality documentation for our projects:api.jquery.com, api.jqueryui.com, api.jquerymobile.com, and learn.jquery.com; host world-wide conferences for developers to learn and share their experiences in creating applications: events.jquery.org; and participate in the web standards process as an advocate for the needs of web developers, through groups such as the W3C and ECMA TC39 (JavaScript).
> Deque Systems was founded in 1999 to pave the way for digital equality both from user and the technology perspectives. Deque has developed a uniquely robust suite of software tools that include WorldSpace Sync - our enterprise level testing and remediation tool, FireEyes - a free testing plugin, and Amaze - a game-changing new software tool for accessibility triage and remediation. Deque has been a market leader, and a thought leader, in digital accessibility software and services for over a decade; and since the commercial launch of Amaze in 2012, Deque has experienced rapid growth and secured its place as the top accessibility software and services provider. In June 2013, Deque was awarded the Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award for Innovation for the Amaze technology, and the company has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four years running. Learn more at www.deque.com.
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