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AccDC 3.0 is released, and now supports Dojo and jQuery equally for accessible component code normalization.


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Sep 28, 2013 5:48AM

I'm pleased to announce that AccDC 3.0 has been released, which includes support for the Dojo framework through the Dojo AccDC API module, which uses the AMD loader for asynchronous processing.

For those unfamiliar with the project, there are three parts to it:
1) The AccDC API, which is a scalable, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible Dynamic Content Management System that automates the rendering of dynamic content to ensure accessibility for screen reader and keyboard only users.
2) The accessible component modules as documented within the AccDC Technical Style Guide, which is designed to provide reliable and consistent interaction designs that are accessible to the highest percentage of people possible, and to establish a baseline for Functional Accessibility that can be utilized, built upon, studied, and tested against.
3) AccDC Bootstrap, which is an HTML parser that renders advanced, accessible interactive controls using semantic HTML markup.

Now the AccDC API interfaces directly with jQuery and Dojo equally, as well as providing original support for the Standalone version.

The value of this, is that all of the accessible component modules are automatically normalized by AccDC, so that each ties directly into the relative library or framework that is being used, making it possible to share AccDC accessible component code between each without any loss in functionality or accessibility.

Having done this for Dojo, it will now be easier for me to do the same for other libraries and frameworks in the future as well.

The AMD loader syntax has been added to the Loading AccDC section within the Technical Style Guide.

Additionally, several WhatSock site mirrors have been created to demonstrate this functionality, all of which are linked from the home pages for each.
AccDC API (Standalone): http://whatsock.com/
AccDC API (powered by jQuery): http://whatsock.com/jquery/
AccDC API (powered by Dojo): http://whatsock.com/dojo/
AccDC Bootstrap (Standalone): http://whatsock.com/bootstrap/
AccDC Bootstrap (powered by jQuery): http://whatsock.com/bootstrap/jquery/
AccDC Bootstrap (powered by Dojo): http://whatsock.com/bootstrap/dojo/
AccDC Technical Style Guide (powered by jQuery): http://whatsock.com/tsg/
AccDC Technical Style Guide (powered by Dojo): http://whatsock.com/tsg/dojo/

These last two, the AccDC TSG mirrors, refer to the Coding Arena pages linked from each of the expandable accessible component module sections.

Direct downloads are available on all of the project home pages.

Bryan Garaventa