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Re: browsealoud


From: Kevin Spruill
Date: Nov 7, 2002 10:10AM

Hi Tony,

Hadn't heard of Browsealoud before, thanx! There are a variety of companies that have similar products though - I'm sure you'll get a couple links, but one of the first ones on the scene was DirectXtras - they've also got a free product available at: http://www.speaksforitself.com/speaksforitself/

I've used it several times for sites, and standalone apps (Flash and Director). Works like a charm... the only problem(s) being that it is an activex plugin, and that it (as with most of the others) is MS IE exclusive or centric (most educational institutions are MAC/Unix... but there are ways around it).

I like the additional controls Browsealoud provides the end user... pitch, rate, etc. - but wish it wasn't so mouse oriented... what about users with dexterity related impairments?
After researching the concept (speech enabling) for about a year, we decided to build our on server side approach (java centric application that can be delivered as a web service, or an in-line process)... works independent of the browser/device, and removes the need for the user to download/install anything. Hopefully we'll be implementing it early into the new year after we finish our testing, etc. cycles

Think we'll start seeing more and more of this type of presentation (speech input/output) mode for a variety of reasons (don't know about you, but I hate typing anything into my web enabled devices on those tiny keyboards, or using a stylus to access the web, etc.


Kevin Spruill
National Library of Medicine
(301) 402-9708
(301) 402-0367 (fax)

>>> <EMAIL REMOVED> 11/06/02 11:36AM >>>
Hi. I'm wondering what people's opinions are about the browsealoud tool from the textHELP company (www.browsealoud.com). It seems very easy to use but I'm not sure how it 'play with' JAWS or Window-Eyes.

What do you all think of browsealoud as a basic, free text-to-speech tool?

Tony Trott

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC)
6320 Augusta Drive, Suite 1200
Springfield, VA 22150


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