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Re: WP PDF files


From: Kevin Spruill
Date: Nov 7, 2002 3:23PM


I haven't tested WordPerfect generated PDF's for accessibility, but this much I do know - Corel implemented their own interpretation of the PDF api - not 100% in line with Adobe's or the IEEE specifications (disclaimer: this information came from an Adobe rep - not a Corel rep). Now, if it is a case where the resultant PDF is an "image" pdf - then a run through Distiller/Paper Capture, and a touch up with the Make Accessible plugin should bring them back into the world of accessible content.

MS Word on the other hand is compliant with the Adobe specification... and can generate accessible PDF's (NOT a plug for Microsoft btw).

Another set of hoops to jump through, but better than regenerating the documents. You might want to try Adobe's online conversion, and accessibility tools to see if the process I mention above works for your files before investing too much time in it.



Kevin Spruill
National Library of Medicine
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>>> <EMAIL REMOVED> 11/07/02 09:05AM >>>
WordPerfect makes PDF files.

There is an option to "Publish text as graphics" rather than embedding
fonts as it will look better.

Am I to understand that these PDF files (of which I made about 50+) are
inaccessible to screen readers and search engines?

(I had expected that there was some type of advanced antialiasing that went
on, not that the text was actually converted to an image file.)

who may have several hundred pages worth of printing and scanning in his
future :-/

Timothy J. Luoma

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