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Re: checking the actual real estate on a page


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Oct 30, 2013 1:10PM

"Line Mode" is the third choice for displaying braille info in Jaws
(Braille display display?). It's my favorite, being the least
cluttered of all. But I'm decidedly in the minority.

I don't know what effect changing these modes will have on form
fields. I've never encountered that. Then again I have a 40-cell
display, so lots of things wrap...


At 11:55 AM 10/30/2013, Stanzel, Susan - FSA, Kansas City, MO wrote:
>It is a Focus Blue and it is in the default mode.
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>There are three ways the display will show text. Do you know are you
>in structured mode speech box mode or I can never remember what the
>third one is called. I don't think it's your app but the way jaws
>sends information to the display in effect here
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>Subject: [WebAIM] checking the actual real estate on a page
>I have an 80 cell Braille display. I have been asked to improve how
>a web page is looking. Some of the labels are wrapping. Naturally,
>they don't do that in Braille. I tried using the JAWS cursor and I
>am not thinking that is accurate. Do any of you have some ideas? I
>am using JAWS 14.
>Susie Stanzel
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