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Re: Accessible GIS coordinates/Lack of Tools


From: Olaf Drümmer
Date: Nov 1, 2013 2:00PM

Apologies for the blatant plug but…:

Am 1 Nov 2013 um 20:31 schrieb Michael Rollins < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> There is no means at all for assigning linked headers in complex tables in Word or InDesign, let alone a way of automating it.

that means is called axaio MadeToTag, it is a plug-in for InDesign CS 5.5, CS 6 or CC on Mac or Windows (sorry, does not work with Word), and a fully functional demo can be found at http://www.axaio.com/doku.php/en:products:madetotag

While it does not automate tagging of advanced tables, it makes the necessary manual steps very easy (including intuitive visual feedback). And it aided with a couple of other tasks to prepare for export to tagged PDF (including fixing a couple of quirks in InDesign's tagged PDF export).

(I happen to work for axaio software, the maker of this and a couple of other InDesign plug-in, my views on the product may be biased ;-) )