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Form submission via enter key?


From: Nathalie Sequeira
Date: Nov 5, 2013 12:21AM


I have been requested by a client to make a complex form submittable via
the enter key.

The form contains a text input as well as checkboxes which, when
focussed, do allow this behaviour.
The form however also contains dropdowns which when focused do not allow
this behaviour.
Also, when there are search results on the page, there is a second form
that allows selecting titles for ordering.
Here's a link to the page so you can see at a glance what I'm talking
about: http://www.volkslied.at/lieder/noten-TVM/suche.php

I have been reading around on the web and am a bit on the fence as to
the desirability of this "enter key feature" in general.

While in a simple search form that has only one text input I feel the
enter-key submission is OK,
I have actually begun considering disabling enter-key submittability
alltogether via Javascript for the complex form, so behaviour is
consistent throughout the form. And yes, this actually touches more on
usability (whereby bad usability does also influence effective
accessibility IMHO).

Are there other accessibility-related issues to be taken into account in
a scenario where a complex form can be submitted via enter key (esp.
keyboard navigation or screen reader key functions)?

Thank you for any thoughts on this!!