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From: Jared Smith
Date: Nov 5, 2013 1:29PM

J. B-Vincent wrote:
> Agreed--much nicer, and a testament to the power of CSS. <smile>

Indeed. I changed one number. It took maybe 20 seconds.

Interestingly, before the recent change, the heading font was almost
exactly the same character thickness/weight as the standard body text.
In other words, the characters were certainly narrow for a heading,
but were actually no more narrow than the much smaller body text
characters found elsewhere.

Certainly if folks cannot read a large heading in a relatively narrow
font weight, they could not possibly read much smaller body text that
shares the exact same font weight, right?

As such, I suspect the complaints about the heading font weight have
been more about the preconceived (and, I would propose, false) notion
that narrow font weights are just always evil (regardless of how big
they are) than they were about actual readability. Regardless, the
heavier font weight is a welcome improvement.