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Re: Form submission via enter key?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Nov 5, 2013 4:51PM

I think inadvertent submitions of forms in incomplete or missing
information because of an accidental enter key press far outweigh the
possible benefits of saving yourself approximately one tabkey press.
Jaws users, for instance, can use enter to get in and out of forms
mode, well into forms mode for forms field actually.
One could easily get into a situation where user does not have focus
on the input field, presses enter, and submits the input, having to
start again from scratch.
I think overriding default user expectation is a bad thing on the web,
and bad for accessibility. I like my webpages to be predictable.
If parts of the form are optional and the client is hellbent on
minimial keyboard interaction, you might be able to plac a submit
button after the mandatory parts of the form, leaving the optional
fields later in the focus order (that is not always good reading
order, but if it makes sense in your context that's fine).

On 11/5/13, Patrick H. Lauke < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> On 05/11/2013 07:46, Detlev Fischer wrote:
>> I think submission via the enter key should only work once the "passende
>> Stücke finden" input is focused (that focus indication itself could be
>> stronger, and it might also help if the input looks more like a submit
>> button, but that is a minor point). I don't think many users would want to
>> dispatch the search in other ways - or if they do, there is at least a
>> trade-off in that other users who press enter accidentally would lose the
>> page and get results they did not knowingly specify.
> Yup. In short: don't change the default behavior that users have come to
> learn/expect. It will only result in user frustration, confusion, and
> unintentional submissions.
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