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Re: Usage of title attribute or hidden label


From: Sailesh Panchang
Date: Nov 7, 2013 7:35AM

One might wish to also review this write-up:
Sailesh Panchang

On 11/7/13, Alastair Campbell < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Steve Faulkner wrote:
>> While I don't claim to be an expert what I do claim is that when I
>> publish
>> advice it is based on data and research of browser and AT implementations
>> of features and the standards defining the implementations of those
>> features.
> Knowing the research on a topic is always the best start for expert-hood,
> you might not claim it, but I would on your behalf ;-)
> So overall it looks like there are a couple of options for hidden labels
> then:
> 1. Having a label and hiding it off-screen, but avoiding the Firefox bug.
> This isn't a good option if you need to cater for right-to-left languages
> or notice performance issues on mobile devices.
> 2. Using title on the input.
> I think we've generally done the first and not triggered the bug because we
> use overflow, we just moved it way off screen. We haven't had to cater for
> RTL languages though, or use it enough per page to trigger performance
> issues.
> Perhaps in future when we can rely on user agents understanding aria-label,
> and then use title for explanatory text? e.g. <input type="text"
> aria-label="First name" title="Required">
> Cheers,
> -Alastair
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