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Evaluation of HTML editors/generators


From: Jill Lenz
Date: Nov 11, 2002 4:55PM

My college is considering a switch from Dreamweaver, which is supported
campus wide, to a form based program written in Cold Fusion by some
folks at MSU. Basically, switching from a static model to a data driven
model, see http://www.aace.org/pubs/etr/issue2/foley.cfm for a timely
article, esp the "architecture" section.

The thought from the higher-ups is that this will make life easier for
the novice designers - they won't have to get their hands dirty with
HTML, just fill out an online form and their process time will be
reduced. I'm rather doubtful and hesitate to switch to a non-supported,
non-standardized product.

Any thoughts or formal evaluation tools for deciding on HTML editors?

I already have a brief checklist to review what it generates:
1) Manual review of code - is it clean or junky?
2) Does it validate with W3C, HTML Help, A Prompt, Bobby AAA, etc.?
3) Can accessibility be built-in up front in the templates?
4) Does it still require manual intervention in the code to such things
as summaries to tables, titles to links, etc.?

Also, anything to add on the topic of training and support? Any comments
would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jill

Jill Lenz
CVMBS Dean's Office
Instructional Technology
Anatomy/Zoology W3
Colorado State University

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