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Re: Way finding s/w and accessibility


From: Pratik Patel
Date: Nov 8, 2013 7:27AM


I recently worked on a similar project for a museum. It should be rolling
out shortly. I can give a very general description but some technical info
will help. I would want to know answers to questions such as whether or not
this tool is being deployed on different floors or how context aware is the
kiosk/screen. There are existing solutions on the market that could help
with the mobile app part. Feel free to put your colleague in touch with me
and I'll be happy to help think through different implications.



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Subject: [WebAIM] Way finding s/w and accessibility


A colleague is working on the following project and is seeking broad
feedback/pointers to resources (way-finding tech accessibility is not
something I am too familiar with myself).

Context - team is developing a series of touch screen monitors that will be
stationed at different
locations around their facility. The monitors will have a way finding tool
on them - to
allow individuals to search for rooms. The way finding tool will also have
a mobile component that individuals who have their app will have access to.

Question is extracted here: "I wondered what our best options would
be for designing our way finding tool. We are looking to build a tool that
would create a visual pathway from where they are to their destination
(using arrows). What I'm wondering is whether we should build in audio for
the directions (ex. to describe the
directions, approximate distance) - or whether a list view would be
more appropriate for blind folks.. Are there other way finding tools that
are considered accessible to
blind / low vision users that you'd suggest?"