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CVAA and video captioning


From: Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Nov 19, 2013 11:03PM

This brief about online video captioning requirements provides a succinct
overview of the accessibility requirements for video content on the web as
well as devices.

(warning: this PDF from 3 Play Media is not fully accessible, but at least
the tag tree has headings and structure)

I'm wondering how accurate the briefing paper is because one of its
statistical claims caught my interest.

In the brief, they state "Americans currently spend nearly 30% of their
daily viewing time watching online video" and the footnote cites Forester
research that pitches their findings that Americans are "cutting the cord"
from traditional and cable TV, and switching to other sources, such as
Netflix and online material.

My background in statistics and data analysis sent up a red flag when I read
that statement: 30% of daily viewing time is quite a bit of time! Yes, there
are some demographics that would spend 30%, but 30% across all demographics?
I guess I could pay $499 to purchase the Forrester report and hopefully see
their data, but that's a bit out of my budget.

Can any listmembers with knowledge about US captioning regulations comment
on the brief? Aside from the "30%" claim, I'm wondering if the brief is
accurate enough to give communication managers who need a brief summary
about US accessibility requirements and online video.

- Bevi Chagnon

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