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Re: Using has-poppup to affect touch UIs


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Dec 13, 2013 7:11PM

I understand your point, and if developers only used aria-haspopup on menus,
then this functionality wouldn't actually be a problem.

If you read the MS article closely though, it describes a menu as an
example, but doesn't say anywhere that aria-haspopup should only be used on

So, it's a pretty safe bet that quite a few enterprising developers out
there are going to see that as meaning it can be used on all hover triggered
elements, because it doesn't explicitly say anywhere that it cannot.

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From: "Patrick H. Lauke" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Using has-poppup to affect touch UIs

> Small correction:
>> So MS made a leap of assumption that if some sites have at least added
>> ARIA to their menus, then they may take advantage of that if present and
>> infer that this is in fact something that most likely reacts to hover,
> Of course I meant something that most likely reacts on click/activation,
> but *may* also have associated hover behavior.
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