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Re: keyboard access to cc button on YouTube player


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Dec 19, 2013 2:33PM


I came across the exact same problem only last week, while working on
accessible video hosting for a client.

I am drafting a letter to YouTube about this, it is simply not
acceptable that this should be the case, it would take a developer all
of a minute or two to fix it.
I should have finished the letter, but other things got in the way.
I will wrap this work up early next week and send the letter of.

There is a lot of other minor accessibility issues with the HTML5
player, though it is certainly an improvement over the Flash variety.
If you are using the YouTube player for an organization, please make
sure to contact Google Accessibility about this, as I will do as well.
I believe an accessible player for YouTube content would be a huge
accessibility win and positively affect millions of users.
Birkir Gunnarsson
Accessibility SME | Deque Systems

On 12/19/13, Howard Kramer < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> I've done some googling and trial and error but there doesn't seem to be
> keyboard access to the CC option on the YouTube player. I've tried the tab
> key and looked for other hotkeys but to no avail. I seem to have better
> luck when using a screenreader (perhaps because of the off-screen model and
> the different behavior of keystrokes with JAWS or NVDA). Anyway know of any
> hotkeys or ways to access the CC option in the YouTube player? (That works
> with and without a screenreader).
> Thanks,
> Howard
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