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From: Lavigne, Leesa
Date: Nov 20, 2002 2:57PM

Would you mind looking at this HTML form? Removed all code except the form code for simplicity. Top section is in a table using the for= / id= attributes. Seems to work. It's the sections that are located in a fieldset instead of a table, using check boxes and radio buttons, that is giving me the problems when trying to read the form in JAWS or WindowEyes.
I've tried several different approaches with the code and an instructor suggested that I use what is shown here in the code by using Headings to highlight the questions and the LABEL element to enclose the options.
Problem is, since I did apply tabindex to every element, the questions are not read when the user goes into form reading mode, just the options. I've tried using the for= / id= attributes with the check boxes and radio buttons and the result wasn't any better. Any suggestions? Thanks.

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Webmaster Survey</TITLE>
<META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D"text/html; charset=3Dwindows-1252">
<META http-equiv=3DContent-Language content=3Den-us>
<META content=3D"MSHTML 5.50.4611.1300" name=3DGENERATOR></HEAD>
<H1>Webmaster Survey</H1>

<FORM action=3Dhttp://www.state.me.us/cgi-bin/formproc-v2/lleahy/webmastersurvey=20
<table summary =3D "Form used to gather information on State web pages. Labels in left column, fields in right column. ">
<Caption> <h2>This form is used to gather information about the State of Maine=20
web pages.</h2><br>
<th colspan=3D"2">
<h3>Please provide the following contact information: </h3>
<label for=3D"firstname" >First name: </label>
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"firstname" tabindex=3D"1" size=3D"20" value=3D"First Name">
<label for=3D"lastname" >Last name: </label>
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"lastname" tabindex=3D"2" size=3D"20" value=3D"Last Name">
<label for=3D"title" >Job title: </label>
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"title" tabindex=3D3" size=3D"30" value=3D"Job Title">
<label for=3D"dept" >Dept. / Agency: </label>
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"dept" tabindex=3D"4" size=3D"30" value=3D"Department">
<label for=3D"WkPhone" >Work Phone: </label>=20
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"WkPhone" tabindex=3D"5" value=3D"xxx-xxxx" size=3D"20" name=3D"text">
<label for=3D"ext" >Ext.: </label>=20
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"ext" tabindex=3D"6" name=3D"ext" size=3D"5" value=3D"xxx">
<tr> <td>
<label for=3D"email" >E-mail: </label>=20
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"email" tabindex=3D"7" size=3D"40" value=3D" <EMAIL REMOVED> ">

<h3><legend> Information on your web design work.</legend></h3>
<h4> What is your job function in web design? </h4>
<p><label for=3D"Maintenance">Maintenance. Edit pages already posted. </label>=20
<input type=3D"radio" id=3D"Maintenance" name=3D"function" value=3D"edit" checked tabindex=3D"8">
<label for=3D"Layout">Layout and Content. Create and post pages. </label>=20
<input type=3D"radio" id=3D"Layout" name=3D"function" value=3D"create" tabindex=3D"9">
<label for=3D"All"> I do it all, layout, content and maintenance. </label>=20
<input type=3D"radio" id=3D"All" name=3D"function" value=3D"Everything" tabindex=3D"10">
<h4> Are you the only Webmaster for your department/agency?</h4>
<p><label>Yes <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"webmaster" value=3D"single" checked tabindex=3D"11">
No <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"webmaster" value=3D"group" tabindex=3D"12"></label> </p>
<p><b>If no, would you please sent this URL to the others also? Thanks!</b></p>
<h4>Are your Webmaster tasks part of your formal job description?</h4>
<p><label>Yes <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"job" value=3D"YesJob" checked tabindex=3D"13">
No <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"job" value=3D"NoJob" tabindex=3D"14"></label> </p>
<h4>Were you assigned the web tasks or did you volunteer to take them on? </h4>
<p> <label >Assigned <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"tasks" value=3D"Assigned" checked tabindex=3D"15">
Volunteered <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"tasks" value=3D"volunteered" tabindex=3D"16"></label> </p>

<h4><label for=3D"7">How many hours a week would you guesstimate you dedicate=20
to working on web pages?</label></h4>
<input type=3D"text" id=3D"7" name=3D"Hours" size=3D"4" maxlength=3D"2" value=3D"hrs" tabindex=3D"17">

<h4>Is the time you spend doing web work built into your overall work schedule? </h4>

<p> <label>Yes <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"Scheduled" value=3D"Yes" checked tabindex=3D"18">
No <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"Scheduled" value=3D"No" tabindex=3D"19"></label> </p>
<h4>What software programs do you use? </h4>
<p><label>Front Page: <input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"20"><br>
DreamWeaver 4: <input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox2" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"21"><br>
DreamWeaver UD: <input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox3" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"22"><br>
DreamWeaver MX: <input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox4" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"23"><br>
Cold Fusion: <input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox5" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"24"><br>
Hand Code Pages:<input type=3D"checkbox" name=3D"checkbox6" value=3D"checkbox" tabindex=3D"25"><br>
Other: <input type=3D"text" name=3D"textfield" size=3D"30" value=3D"other software" tabindex=3D"26"></label></p>
<h4> What level of training of you have in the software that you do use?</h4>
<p><label>Self Taught: <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" checked tabindex=3D"27"><br>
Have attended 1 - 2 classes <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"28"><br>
Have attended 2 or more classes <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"29"><br>
Have a certificate in web design <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"20" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"30"><br>
From: <input type=3D"text" id=3D"21" name=3D"certificate" size=3D"40" value=3D"Name of School" tabindex=3D"31"><br>
<h4>Has your agency/department been able to support the purchase of software=20
toward web design?</h4>
<p>Yes <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"22" name=3D"software" value=3D"YesSoftware" checked tabindex=3D"32">
No <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"23" name=3D"software" value=3D"NoSoftware" tabindex=3D"33">
<h3><legend>Accessibility training: </legend></h3>
<h4>Are you aware of the ADA guidelines and the ADA policy <br>
that exists for all web pages created for the State of Maine?</h4>
<p><label >Yes and I have implemented them. <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"ADA" value=3D"1" checked tabindex=3D"34"><br>
Yes and I am working on implementing them. <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"ADA" value=3D"2" tabindex=3D"35"><br>
Yes but I have not implemented them. <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"ADA" value=3D"3" tabindex=3D"36"><br>
No, I have no idea what you are talking about. <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"27" name=3D"ADA" value=3D"4" tabindex=3D"37"></label> </p>
<h4>Are you aware that a monthly webmasters meeting takes place?</h4>
<p><label > Yes<input type=3D"radio" id=3D"28" name=3D"Meetings" value=3D"MeetingsYes" checked tabindex=3D"38">
No <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"29" name=3D"Meetings" value=3D"MeetingsNo" tabindex=3D"39">
<h4>If yes, Does you agency/department give you the time to attend these meetings?</h4>
<p> <label>Yes <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"30" name=3D"Attend" value=3D"AttendYes" checked tabindex=3D"40">
No<input type=3D"radio" id=3D"31" name=3D"Attend" value=3D"AttendNo" tabindex=3D"41">
Sometimes <input type=3D"radio" id=3D"32" name=3D"Attend" value=3D"AttendSometimes" tabindex=3D"42">
</fieldset> <fieldset> <legend>=20
<h3>Information on the page(s) that you deal with</h3>
<h4>Please list the URL of the page(s) that you are involved with:</h4>
<p><label>Top level:
<input type=3D"text" name=3D"TopLevel1" size=3D"30" value=3D"www.state.me.us/bis/" tabindex=3D"43">
, # of pages in site: <input type=3D"text" name=3D"textfield2" size=3D"4" tabindex=3D"44">
Intranet <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"45">
Internet <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"46">
or both <input type=3D"radio" name=3D"radiobutton" value=3D"radiobutton" tabindex=3D"47">
<h4><label for=3D"38">Please list below any concerns you may like to see addressed or thoughts=20
you may have. For example, need more training, better software, allotted time for web related=20
duties.</label> </h4>
<p><b>(750 characters allowed)</b><br clear=3D"all">
<textarea name=3D"Comments" id=3D"38" cols=3D"75" rows=3D"10" tabindex=3D"48">Enter comments:
<input type=3D"submit" name=3D"Submit" value=3D"Submit Survey" tabindex=3D"50">