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Re: Acrobat links


From: Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Jan 15, 2014 12:37PM

Thanks Duff!

Do you happen to know if point-specific bookmarks/links in Word will be
retained when exported to PDF? That's another related "feature" we need.

- Bevi Chagnon
PubCom.com - Trainers, Consultants, Designers, and Developers.

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> This situation comes up frequently for us and I'm wondering if anyone
> has a good solution.
> When the user clicks the link in the Table of Contents, it opens the
> correct PDF. That part is fine.
> However, I'd like to take the user directly to the subhead within that
> PDF, such as Heading 2 on page 9 in chapter 15.

Not yet. It's coming with PDF 2.0, presently under development with
hope-to-publish in 2015.

> Acrobat's linking tool only lets me open the PDF but won't let me set
> a specific location or destination in that document.

You can target a page with a link today, but you can't (with present-day
PDF) target a heading with a link.

More's the pity. And, yet another reason why we need PDF 2.0!

Duff Johnson

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