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Is Accessibility mayonnaise cheese or Bread & Butter ?


From: Ravindra Kumar Jain
Date: Jan 16, 2014 12:03AM

Hi Friends,

I guess pretty much everyone in webaim knows what Accessibility Life
Cycle / Software Development Life Cycle is.,

A common problem I identified , which I am sure a lot of you too must
have faced is that ,

" There is a vast gap between what a client wants and what
accessibility services delivers , in a lot of cases accessibility is
perhaps nowhere in his agenda , unless it is mandatory "

Few days ago I heard a very interesting thought by someone.

"Accessibility Services is not one of the essential services we offer
to our clients , it is not a show stopper. It is like Mayonnaise
cheese as a topping over our bread and butter , we offer to our
clients as a value added service"

To our subject matter experts in webaim , I throw this question

"Is Accessibility Mayonaise cheese or Bread and Butter " ?

I would like to get answers straight from experience people who have
been working in this field.for long time. Let me reframe the above
question .

"How can we convince our clients / managers / designers in a much
better manner as to why they should implement accessibility from
initial stages itself and not superficially " ?

Thanks & Regards,

Ravindra Kumar Jain

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