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Schema.org Accepts Accessibility Properties for Discovery of Accessible Content and Applications


From: Gerardo Capiel
Date: Jan 17, 2014 7:07PM

I am delighted to announce that at the end of last year Schema.org<http://schema.org/>; accepted our proposal for a key set of accessibility metadata tagging that could allow anyone with access to the Internet to more easily locate educational resources and applications with accessible features. Google’s TV Raman and Yandex’s Charles McCathieNevile announced on Schema.org<http://blog.schema.org/2013/12/content-accessibility.html>;: “This work draws upon many collaborations and projects including the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Access For Al<http://www.imsglobal.org/accessibility/>;l specification, the work of the Accessibility Metadata Projec<http://a11ymetadata.org/>;t, alongside many discussions that helped ensure the work integrated well into Schema.org<http://schema.org/>;.” See my recent blog post<http://benetech.org/2013/11/26/discovering-accessible-learning-resources-with-benetech-labs-part-1/>; on the Benetech web site about the Accessibility Metadata Project for more details. This is a tremendous milestone in our collaborative journey towards enabling a born accessible future and reaping its benefits. Many thanks and congratulations to all have contributed to this important work.


Gerardo Capiel
VP of Engineering

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