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Re: Unsubscribe Notifications


From: Jared Smith
Date: Jan 28, 2014 12:52PM

Some mail servers have recently begun rejecting WebAIM list messages
due to suspected spam content. Our list server automatically
unsubscribes users when messages are repeatedly rejected. This has
resulted in a few dozen users being unsubscribed, primarily at places
like universities that generally run overly-aggressive spam filtering.

We're not yet sure exactly what is causing this, but it is content
related (they seem to think the word "WebAIM" is spam, or something)
and not related to our list/mail server itself. We're working on ways
to possibly resolve this, but can't really control the spam settings
on other mail servers.

If this has affected you (and unfortunately many won't get this
message because it will be flagged as spam or because they've been
unsubscribed), we ask you to report the false spam flagging to your
mail server administrator so they can hopefully whitelist us or
otherwise resolve the problem.

Jared Smith