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Re: typical user stylesheet settings


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Jan 31, 2014 6:16AM

Hi Nathalie!

I'm not aware of such resources. When I could see, I did use a user stylesheet. However, it was one I created myself. In my case, most of the changes were related to colour. I would change the background colour to black, the foreground text to white, links to a bright yellow, visited links to a lime green, focused or hovered links to red, and I would change labels to cyan. I would also set up the stylesheet to place a cyan border around HTML form controls. It made it easier for me to read the content and it also allowed me to decrease the magnification level when I wanted to scan the page to scan for certain types of content. For example, I could decrease the magnification and look for a column of yellow which I would assume was likely to be navigation of some type or look for cyan blue to find forms on the page. The red didn't work out as well, but I never quite found a colour that was different enough from the others and also highly visible (when there was only one
little block of that colour) on the screen.


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Hello all,

I am looking for bundled information about the color combinations in
user stylesheets used to alleviate different types of sight impairment.
A search on the web hasn't brought me much enlightenment on this head.

Thus my question: does anyone know of such a resource, or have
information about this?