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Re: status of Twitter Bootstrap and accessibility


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jan 31, 2014 9:04AM

Oh, but I think it's very important to put credit where it's due, and
that's directly in the hands of PayPal.

While I'm very pleased about PayPal's contribution, what will really
make the Bootstrap community great is if the Bootstrap project
leadership demonstrates commitment and incorporates the plugin
promptly and directly into core. And they need also to do whatever
they can to help combat potential breakage, not to mention to
actively work to fill any other identified gaps. In short, I hope
this plugin can be used to begin to foster best accessibility
practices. Accessibility should not be a niche people choose; it
should be a given, as the default.

That we have had such limited access to components, and that the
out-of-the-box experience has been poor for so long, would not be
things I'd put on the "great" list. Greg, your experience has not
reflected mine, nor many others with whom I've been in contact since
last May. It all depends on one's needs, I suppose.

What's great is that PayPal is committed to sharing so very much of
what they do. So, thanks again, PayPal.


At 07:57 AM 1/31/2014, you wrote:
>Awesome job ... this is what makes bootstrap so great ...
>the bootstrap community.