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Data in tables or lists with accessibility and responsive design in mind


From: ben jarlett
Date: Feb 10, 2014 8:10AM

Hi, I am creating a list of links which have the following in them:

- link title and url
- a comment about the link
- a date that the link was posted

I wish to do this using accessible best practice, but also would like to
avoid using tables because I'd like to keep the site responsive
(mobile/tablet/desktop) - and although you can create accessible tables and
responsive tables I'm not sure that you can have a responsive and
accessible table.

There is an answer
but it doesn't fully help me. It states helpfully that "Basic question you
should ask yourself: do you need rows and columns? Do you need some kind of
cross-referencing and/or sortable on different properties of the individual
items? In that case, use a table. Otherwise, use an unordered (or ordered)

For my example I'm not giving the user an opportunity to sort the data, and
as for cross referencing I'm not sure if this applies - but am happy to
take advice on that.

Thanks - Ben


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