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Re: Form submission on mobile devices


From: Joe Chidzik
Date: Feb 12, 2014 5:21AM

> However, we are getting pushback from the business that they do not want a
> Submit button and they want to keep the UI clean and simple. If anyone has
> experience or can direct me to a resource that explains why this is a poor
> experience I would really appreciate it. Do low vision users assume to press
> Return/Enter key if they can't find a submit button on the view? Unfortunately I am
> unable to do user testing for this, and without concrete evidence it is getting
> increasingly difficult to push for a change in the design.

An immediate concern would be how screenreader users would expect to submit the form. A submit button typically demarks the end of the form for screenreader users, and will act as a prompt to then submit the form. Without a submit button, this prompt is not present, and will likely cause difficulties. As you also point out, without a text input field on the form, the onscreen keyboard will not be displayed anyway, and no-one will be able to submit the form.