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Re: accessibility web proxy


From: julien
Date: Feb 12, 2014 3:25PM

@Susan: Interesting, thank you! I had a look and it looks a lot like what I had in mind, although their service is purely B2B. It seems to indicate that technically this is quite feasible, interesting… Really wondering how it could be transposed in a B2C environment.

@Greg: Thanks for sharing!
1&4. Great points. Also, not all users are able to create or maintain scripts. I guess you could have a three pronged system: 1/ automated accessibility optimization (like the Deque service pointed out by Susan) that is applied to all sites accessed through the service 2/ crowd-sourced optimizations developped by tech savvy users (although one could create a simplified scripting engine?) 3/ optimizations developed and maintened by professional staff for a small number of highly-visited websites that accound for a large part of the user-community's web traffic.

2. True. And as you say, you can also use the accessibility bugs you collect to do some "advocacy work" with website owners ;) Having a community of users behind you also gives more weight to your recommandations I would guess.

3. I have no technical background whatsoever, so I can only begin to imagine how complex this can be. I'm wondering what a data scientist could do with the browsing data generated by the user community to generate generic solutions to the most frequent problems?

Also I guess there is some interesting possibilities to connect the system to external APIs (images auto-tagging, captcha solvers, text summarization etc) to improve the users' experience.