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Re: FTP site opinion


From: Lynn Wehrman
Date: Feb 28, 2014 1:55PM

Tim, I totally agree. Part of the work I did for state government, and the DOT, was to sit down with groups and ascertain what the use and exposure was for the document and whether or not it deemed an accessible text version, or if another way to access the document was needed.

For instance, working with engineers who needed to post plat maps for public comment regarding an upcoming road being put through a neighborhood. Screen readers don't typically translate plat maps very well for the user, so we decided the more appropriate alternative was to assign someone with good customer service capability, and map knowledge, to translate what the map covered in the event that someone who could not encounter the map visually, wanted to know what it contained.

There is NEVER one solution for accessibility. Flexibility and being innovative is the key!

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It sounds like the situation is a matter of intent versus location.

Their intent is for the documents only to be used by business' bidding on contracts. However, the location and manner which they make the documents available says their intent is for the documents to be publically available.

Maybe, the first step for them is to decide which it is. Do they really intend for the documents to be publically available? Or do they need to choose a location and manner of access that is in line with their stated intent.

That might make the rest of the decisions easier--or at least reduce the amount of debate.