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From: Rachel
Date: Dec 10, 2002 5:02PM

Hi WebAimers,

I?m pretty new to Section 508 issues and I appreciate
your help.

I am helping develop page templates for a site that
will be updated by authors who don?t know HTML (using
a CMS with a very basic built-in WYSIWIG HTML editor).

I know that the authors will be using lots of acronyms
in their content. I don?t think the authors will have
the capability or patience to add a <acronym
title="spelled out version of the acronym goes here">
tag to every acronym they use. But I think some of
them might be able to handle adding a simple <acronym>
tag by hand.

I?m thinking of suggesting the following to the

The first time you mention a name on the page, spell
it out and follow it with the acronym in parentheses.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Thereafter, you can use the acronym.


Every time you write an acronym, write <acronym>
before it and </acronym> after it. Example:
Environmental Protection Agency

(The purpose of this option is to assist screen
readers in pronouncing the acronym correctly. In the
site CSS file, we'll define the style of the acronym
tag as { speak: spell-out })


Does anyone see any problems with this approach? Does
anyone have any better solutions?

Rachel Sengers

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