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Re: WAVE 3.0 alpha


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Dec 11, 2002 12:19PM

I did not find anything wrong here, using WAVE 3.0 alpha. It recognized the the alt text for the form submit button. This page
(http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net/) checks out well with other accessibility checkers.

One audio browser will report "unsupported script" for the JavaScript in the HEAD element that you are using to deal with WebTV. A NOSCRIPT statement is required for this. NOSCRIPT is only allowed inside the BODY element so it probably should be placed at the beginning of the BODY element. The NOSCRIPT would just inform the user in some way that script on this page is for WebTV format and its not running will not diminish their experience of the page.

WAVE reported that this script may show in browser. Jukka Korpela has worked with scripts and accessibility, maybe he knows the answer to this question: If the SCRIPT element inside the HEAD element references an external script, and that script code is not enclosed in an SGML comment, will the script code display in browsers that do not support script and also do not recognize the SCRIPT element? Presumably browsers without script support but which recognize the SCRIPT element will know to hide the script code.

Normally contents of the HEAD element are not displayed, but HTML requires any user agent to attempt to display the contents of an unrecognized element but not its attributes. Theoretically therefore a browser that does not support the SCRIPT element should not display code referenced with the SCR attribute, since the code is referenced by an attribute and is not part of the HTML page itself.

The one browser I have (Mosaic) that fits the first description (it normally displays JavaScript code, and CSS code if it is not commented out on the page) is not installed as it overwrites DLLs for Photoshop with older versions disabling Photoshop, and I have been too lazy to work out a way to switch between the two applications. I have never tried it with a linked script.

If no browser would display this code then perhaps WAVE should distinguish between a linked script and script embedded in the page, and/or between script in the HEAD element and script in the BODY ELEMENT.

Terence de Giere

Ineke van der Maat wrote:

Wave 3.0 complains that my input type (an image) in a form
is missing the alt text, but this has name, id, title, value and alt.

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