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Re: Question - Presenting simple mathematic expression


From: Joe Chidzik
Date: Apr 30, 2014 7:54AM

MathJax provides a way of using TeX notation to display equations. There is also pretty good accessibility support provided by MathJax. http://www.mathjax.org/resources/articles-and-presentations/accessible-pages-with-mathjax/

Without using some sort of plugin, or markup, I can't think of a simple way of conveying mathematical semantics short of writing out equations long hand as you have done e.g. "10 to the power 4"


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> Hello,
> Jaws does not recognize <sup> for simple mathematics expressions such as "10
> <sup>4</sup>".
> e.g. it reads "One hundred four" instead of "10 to the power of 4" .
> I am looking for a way to present simple mathematics expression instead of using
> MathML.
> Thank you,
> Rabab Gomaa