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Accessibility of CMS package Editors?


From: Debbie Pomerance
Date: Apr 30, 2014 11:41AM


I hope that it is OK for me as an end-user to send out a question on this

I am not only a webmaster, but I also am low-visioned and I use screen
magnifcation sortware to enable all my online work.

I am researching CMS packages for the website that I manage, we are
interested in upgrading our CMS.

I personally have had issues with some editors used by CMS' because they
don't play well with Zoomtext.

Is there any site that I can look at that talks about various editors used
by CMS' and how well (or not) they interact with accessibility packages?

Alternatively, is their a mailing list, or group that contains webmasters /
CMS administrators, such as myself, who also have low vision?

Thank you in advance.

Debbie P.


Debbie Pomerance