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Re: Office documents in a online course /Slightly Off-Topic Response


From: Jon Abolins
Date: Dec 12, 2002 2:24PM

Is the course specifically on how to use the specific Microsoft
products? Or is that the requirement for the students to have Word,
Excel, etc. there because of the fles formats that will be used for the

This distinction is important in that there are products that will open
and save in Office formats. Sun Office and OpenOffice are two examples.
Now, they don't always work with all documents exactly the way that
Microsoft Office does. Even with Microsoft Office, please remember that
there is a Mac version of it as well as the Windows version.

The prospect of having a non-Microsoft ways of accessing Office files
may have accessibility implications if somebody, for example, set up an
accessible Linux system and is using Star Office.

Jon Abolins

>>> - - < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 12/12/02 12:33PM >>>
<<< I am putting together an online course and I need some advice about
the use of Microsoft Office documents.
Any advice welcome. >>>

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